Aspiration is the process of removing dust and other harmful impurities that are forming during the work of technological equipment.

Filter installations by AB TECHNOLOGIES are module filters with automated regeneration system of filter elements for aspiration of technological processes with a great amount of dust discharge.

AB TECHNOLOGIES’ filters stand out thanks to high effectiveness of filtration – 99,99%. We guarantee the dust concentration on an output of installation no more than 10 mg/m3 that meets all the worldwide norms.


  • Screw conveyor, rotary valve, butterfly flap for dust discharge;
  • Platforms for service at the top part of filter installation;
  • Cleaning system by pressure drop between cells of clean and polluted air;
  • Container for removing the dust;
  • Oil air separator for compressed air;
  • ATEX explosion protection (explosive membranes, antistatic ground, strengthened body)

Distinctive features of aspiration systems by AB TECHNOLOGIES are:

  • Economic accessibility
  • Cut of expenses on energy carriers and cleaning waste
  • Minimization of ecological pressure
  • Work culture and manufacture safety improvement

Basis and guarantee of qualitative work of aspiration systems are filter elements made by AB TECHNOLOGIES that are qualified by their characteristics and spheres of use:

  • Bag filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Corrugated bag filters
  • Individual systems of aspiration

Polyester is a filter material which is used in AB TECHNOLOGIES installations. This polyester is fabricated by special technology – hydraulic plexus, that help to lessen the size of pores and make the structure of material smoother.

All filter installations by AB TECHNOLOGIES are highly efficient and economical.

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