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Frequently asked questions

As a standard, the filtering system of AB Technologies consists of:

  • shell,
  • filter elements,
  • bunker,
  • racks,
  • controller,
  • unloading device (at the request of the customer).

It is additional equipment and protective systems for use in explosive environments.

The selection of filter elements depends on such parameters as:

  • type of dust;
  • dust loading;
  • temperature;
  • emissions after the filter ….

Regeneration is the cleaning of filter elements by a stream of compressed air.

Regeneration occurs due to the impulse action of compressed air created by a special membrane impulse valve directed into the inside of the filter element. Due to this, dust particles are knocked out of the pores of the filter material outwards.

Receivers are used to store compressed air.

According to recommendations, the receiver is selected for 30% of the compressor station’s capacity.