Industrial fans

Fans are devices that depending on the version and category are used in various industrial plants to move a stream of clean or polluted air, a mixture of gases, steam and smoke.

Fans can be divided into three main groups: axial, centrifugal and special. As a rule, axial fans are used for higher airflow speed at lower resistances, and centrifugal ones for lower flow rates at higher resistances.

Axial fans are special devices in the form of an impeller, whose blades are attached to the sleeve at some angle of the plane of rotation. The impeller is installed in a cylindrical casing. As the blade rotates, air is captured and moved along the center of its axis.

Axial fans have minimal weight and size characteristics. They are used as a component of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Axial fans are designed for the movement of gaseous substances which aggressiveness does not exceed the aggressiveness of the air.

Some models are able to work effectively with dust and small rubbish. However, before applying them it is necessary to clarify these properties with our specialists. They will select the right product model for you and give detail information about the features of its operation.

Centrifugal fans have a rotor consisting of spiral shaped blades. Air is sucked into the rotor through the inlet where it acquires a rotational motion. Due to the centrifugal force and special form of the blades, it is sent to the outlet of a special spiral casing, the so-called “snail”. They are sometimes also called radial, since the movement of air flow on contact with the blades is from the center to the outer perimeter – radially.

Centrifugal fans are divided into:

  • low-pressure fans, which are designed for baking ovens (suitable for transporting air heated to 300°C into cooking chambers), spray painting, dryers, boilers, silos, cooling lamps and engines;
  • medium pressure fans that are designed for metal and wood shavings, pneumatic transport, chemical industry, tunnel kilns, crushers, bunkers, mine ventilation;
  • high-pressure fans, which are intended for foundries and cement plants, mines, mining and manufacturing industries, tunnel furnaces, aspiration systems on tobacco factories;
  • transport fans, which are intended for the textile industry, carpentry workshops, aspiration of very polluted air.

Special fans are manufactured in accordance with the requirements for installation sites where because of size or features of the operation it is impossible to select a standard unit. They can be either axial or centrifugal.

For more detailed information, please call or write us, and our specialists will answer all your questions.