During the production of any equipment used in numerous sectors of the industrial sector (in packaging, agriculture, textile, chemical, food, automotive and other industries), compressed air is used along with other energy carriers.

The only source of compressed air to date are compressors. Along with the evolving technologies and the continued growth of the industry, significant progress was noted in the production of this equipment. High performance, efficient operation under all conditions and ensuring a reduction in operating costs are the basic rules of competition in the market of compressor equipment.

In accordance with these conditions, Ozen Kompresor regularly expands its range and daily improves the quality of its products, sufficiently exceeding all customer expectations.

Besides service that is offered to customers before and after the sale of manufactured products Ozen Kompresor realize non-stop support for their customers.

Ozen Kompresor offers:

  • Screw compressors
  • Piston compressors
  • Screw booster compressors
  • Compressed air cleaning equipment

Ozen Kompresor was founded 1970 by Mehmet Ozen in small workshop.

Facilities manufactured by this company are successfully exploited in Turkish industry thanks to excellent quality and wide assortment of products. Leaning on company conception that is based on great expectations of customers, Ozen Kompresor is continuously growing nowadays. Due to these factors as well as extensive selling and service network, company became a big family.

Since 2012 Ozen Kompresor work on their own factory with an area of 20.000 m² in Konya Organized Industrial Zone.

Owing to their own renewed factory and use of innovative technologies Ozen Kompresor produce considerable part of screw compressors, air compressors of low and middle pressure with work pressure from 2,5 to 40 bar, filters and dryers for compressed air.

In compressors by Ozen Kompresor installed electric motors by WEG company – the biggest manufacturer of electric motors in America.

WEG is world’s second (after Siemens) producer of low-tension (up to 1000 V) and world’s third (after Siemens and ABB) producer of high-voltage electric motors.

Factory complex WEG in Jaraguá do Sul with an area of 860 000 m² is the world’s biggest factory that produces electric motors.

Сompany issues more than 12 million of electric motors and other electric equipment up to 3,5 milliards of dollars’ worth annually.

WEG exports production in over 100 countries around the world and has representation offices on all continents.

In 2009 WEG became one of the first in the world who started releasing special line of synchronous electric motors of the highest class of energy performance IE4 – WMagnet and WQuattro. Besides uniquely high coefficient of efficiency motors has bearings with really high resource – 100 000 hours. In 2012 WEG started issuing an industrial line of asynchronous electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor of the highest class of energy performance IE4. Ozen Kompresor uses these motors for producing the compressors.

As a result – compressors by Ozen Kompresor have the highest coefficient of efficiency.

All electric motors in compressors by Ozen Kompresor are equipped with temperature sensors in base case which is the best protection from overheating. If motor reaches high temperature, signal about overheating displays at the controller of a compressor. If it reaches the boundary temperature, motor turns off by the compressor control system.

Ozen Kompresor production has an active cooling system. Radiators with expanded size provide great cooling even the most sophisticated exploitation conditions.

Compressor case designed in such way that electric motor and screw unit are in the coldest zones of a compressor. Radiators of the compressor simply put off for the cleanup.

Special high-pressure fan of cooling system allows to join air duct to compressor for conduction the warm air on long distances without additional fan.

Also, compressors by Ozen Kompresor are provided with additional opportunity – installation of a system of warmness recuperation that allows to use compressor warmness for useful purposes (water or adjacent premises heating).

Thanks to the fact that compressed air on the output is a little bit warmer than on the absorption:

  • Air contains minimal amount of wet;
  • Air contains minimal amount of oil;
  • Lowers load on dryer and filters if they are used after compressors.

Compressors by Ozen Kompresor equipped with the most effective double-stage cleaning system of compressed air from oil: horizontal separator tank for prior cleaning and changeable filters for final cleaning.

Separation system allows achieving the highest quality metrics of compressed air.

AB TECHNOLOGIES company is the official representative of Ozen Kompresor company (Turkey) in Ukraine. Our specialists provide designing of compressor stations, delivery and montage of compressor equipment, supplements and pneumatic actuators.

Highly qualified service-engineers at AB TECHNOLOGIES provide both on-time delivery of spare details and consumables and realization of guarantee and post-guarantee service.

For more detailed information, please write or call us. Our experts will answer all your questions.