Pistons compressors

This type of compressor performs air compression by means of return-progressive movements of the pistons in the cylinders.

There are used two kinds of valves, which ensure the absorption of air and its exhaust

A certain volume air enters the compressor via the intake valve. After that the piston moves, thereby compresses the air, it closes the inlet valve and expels the compressed air through the outlet valve. Compression of air is carried out by reducing its volume. During reverse piston motion due to the difference in pressure exhaust valve closes, in turn the inlet opens and fills the piston cavity with air. Then the cycle repeats.

Piston compressors are usually used wherever is required high pressure and low flow. This type of compressors is used for mechanical engineering, painting in small volumes, cleaning from dust, etc.


  • Cheap enough
  • Work at high pressure


  • High temperature of compressed air at the outlet
  • Much oil in compressed air
  • Too loud

Types of piston compressors:

One-sided piston compressor that has a piston working in only one direction, the other side is inactive.

Two-sided piston compressor. This compressor type uses both piston sides for compressing the air. It has two sets of inlet (sucking) and outlet valves on both sides of a piston. When the piston moves up and down, both piston sides are used to compress air. Inlet and outlet valves operate in accordance with the of the piston moving. The air is compressed and continuously delivered in comparison with air compressor of unilateral action.

Linear compressors. The design of such compressors is rather simple. Cylinders are located vertically or horizontally and are exposed on one line, this provides small dimensions. These compressors are used in areas where are required different pressures.

V-shaped compressors. These compressors are equipped with a cooler with concentric valves installed on each cylinder block located in a V-shape, that is, at an angle of 90 degrees from each other.

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